How Cleveron Digitalised Their Warehouse Operations?

Optimizing for Success: Cleveron's Warehouse Journey with LoadingCalendar & Cargoson TMS

Jaan Erik Lepp
Written by Jaan Erik Lepp | May 2, 2024
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Cleveron is a pioneering Estonian technology company that thrives on innovation. They're well-known for creating robotics-based solutions specifically designed to address the growing pains of e-commerce and parcel overload faced by retailers and logistics companies. Despite the complex inner workings of their creations, Cleveron prioritizes a user-friendly experience, ensuring a positive interaction for the end-customer. Their mission is clear: to empower users, both consumers and businesses, by saving them precious time – a valuable resource in today's fast-paced world.

Integrating Dock Scheduling With TMS

Transport Management Software, a crucial subset of supply chain management, is a digital solution that gives a transparent overview, booking execution, and carrier selection optimization of physical goods movement. By integrating TMS into their operations, businesses in the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail sectors are experiencing improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer service.

Building on the benefits of Transport Management Software (TMS), integrating it with dock scheduling software can further improve efficiency. Imagine a seamless flow of information, where TMS data on incoming and outgoing shipments automatically populates the dock scheduling platform. This eliminates manual data entry, optimizes dock utilization by scheduling arrivals and departures based on real-time information, and minimizes truck wait times. The result: a smoother, faster logistics operation that translates to cost savings and happier customers.

From Whiteboards to Touchscreens

In a recent YouTube video, Cleveron's Chief Operating Officer Ott Pabut, discussed the company's experience using LoadingCalendar together with Cargoson's transport management system. One major advantage was a significant reduction in manual work. Before, organizing deliveries meant sending lots of emails to different logistics providers, which took a lot of time. Now, with Cargoson's system, Cleveron can communicate with all their providers in one place. Once they set up a shipment in the TMS, booking a loading time is quick and easy — just two clicks in LoadingCalendar.

When you walk into Cleveron's warehouse, you won't find old, dusty whiteboards! Cleveron is all about the future of warehouse scheduling. Picture this: big touchscreens that are easy to use, showing the full schedule for the docks at your fingertips. This new setup makes things run smoother and adds a modern touch to the daily routine in the warehouse. You can see it for yourself in the video!

Improved Employee And Carrier Satisfaction

Cleveron's use of the LoadingCalendar along with Cargoson's transport management system is a great match for improving logistics. By using both tools together, they cut down on unnecessary back-and-forth messages, saving time for the warehouse staff and making everything run smoother. This means they can get more done in less time, and everything in the warehouse is more organized. It’s a straightforward way to make their operations more efficient and effective.

"LoadingCalendar saves a lot of time for our people and time is one of the main values in our company. Our warehouse staff is much happier - they know what's coming in and out, and everything stays on schedule."
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Ott Pabut
Chief Operating Officer at Cleveron

The benefits go beyond just saving time. With clear and open logistics processes, everyone can see the schedule easily, leading to fewer mistakes and smoother operations. Warehouse workers can prepare better for deliveries, which means faster loading times and happier delivery people. This new efficiency also makes work more enjoyable for employees, as they don’t have to struggle with old-fashioned scheduling methods anymore. In simple terms, by adopting this new solution, Cleveron has greatly improved efficiency all around.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can! LoadingCalendar allows you to upload loading plans in various formats for easy access by your warehouse staff. Supported formats include images (like JPG, PNG) and PDFs. This ensures your team has all the necessary information readily available to begin loading tasks.

Consider Cleveron's approach: they equip their forklifts with tablets that display uploaded loading plans.

Absolutely! There is an option to provide internal notes about loadings that only your team can see. Highlight critical details, like fragile items or specific stacking instructions. For easier usage, indication of added notes is also displayed on the calendar.

  1. Reduced carrier waiting times - Dock scheduling software solutions ensure carriers arrive during designated windows, minimizing wait periods at loading docks.
  2. Improved visibility - Dock scheduling calendar provides clear overview of upcoming appointments. Your warehouse will get notified immediately if something changes.
  3. Reduced Labor Costs - By automating processes, dock scheduling software systems can help reduce labor costs associated with scheduling and dispatching deliveries. Less time is spent on manual coordination and more time can be focused on other important tasks.

In Cleveron's case, the biggest benefit was saving time. No more back-and-forth messages, making warehouse operations run smoother.

Only 5 minutes! You can get your account up and running in 5 minutes. Depending on you specific needs, you may need additional time to set up more complicated business processes, like predefined loading durations or lunch breaks for docks. This all can be done by yourself! No need for long onboarding process or help from support team.

LoadingCalendar also offers a 60-day free trial. This way you can validate if dock scheduling is something that works for you before committing. Free trial does not require credit card.

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