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Reduce labor hours and truck delays by optimizing your dock schedule with LoadingCalendar's time slot management software.

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"LoadingCalendar saves a lot of time for our people and time is one of the main values in our company. Our warehouse staff is much happier - they know what's coming in and out, and everything stays on schedule."
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Time Slot Management made easy

Total control of your docks

Take control of your loading dock scheduling with LoadingCalendar. Set typical loading times for various shipment types, adjust dock hours for optimal efficiency and even reserve dock times for non-loading tasks like maintenance or lunch breaks. LoadingCalendar empowers you to design a time slot management system that supports your existing workflow.

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Improved efficiency through statistics

Ever feel like your warehouse docks are a constant bottleneck? You're not alone. Inefficient loading and unloading can slow down your entire operation. But what if you could identify the issues and make smarter decisions to get things moving faster? That's where our built-in statistics module comes in. This easy-to-use tool gives you a clear picture of what's happening at your docks, from tracking delayed loads to monitoring overall workload.

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Experience the efficiency of our Dock Scheduling Software, crafted specifically for your business needs. Our flexible pricing plans provide a range of options, including Cargoson TMS integration. Explore how our software can transform your logistics operations with affordability and ease. LoadingCalendar offers 60-day free trial.

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Frequently asked questions

Time slot management software is designed to optimize delivery and pick-up schedules within a supply chain. It involves designating specific time frames for these activities, aiming for a scenario where trucks, suppliers, and deliveries all run on time. This approach creates an efficient supply chain by minimizing delays and maximizing the productivity of resources.

  1. Reduced carrier waiting times - Time slot management systems ensure carriers arrive during designated windows, minimizing wait periods at loading docks.
  2. Improved visibility - Time slot calendar provides clear overview of upcoming appointments. Your warehouse will get notified immediately if something changes.
  3. Reduced Labor Costs - By automating processes, time slot management systems can help reduce labor costs associated with scheduling and dispatching deliveries. Less time is spent on manual coordination and more time can be focused on other important tasks.

Only 5 minutes! You can get your account up and running in 5 minutes. Depending on you specific needs, you may need additional time to set up more complicated business processes, like predefined loading durations or lunch breaks for docks. This all can be done by yourself! No need for long onboarding process or help from support team.

LoadingCalendar also offers a 60-day free trial. This way you can validate if time slot management system is something that works for you before committing. Free trial does not require credit card.

Yes, you can! LoadingCalendar can be integrated with Cargoson TMS to provide users with everything they need to run their logistics. With integration in place, everybody starting from sales team to warehouse staff will be on the same page and have up to date information.

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LoadingCalendar offers a 60-day free trial without any commitment. You can test if it meets your needs before you start paying.

Our Flexible pricing plans are designed to fit your company's needs. No setup or hidden fees!

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60-day free trial. No credit card required.